Faber vs Pulver Fight Rewind

Rewind the tape on Urijah Faber vs Jens Pulver

After re-watching the Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver WEC Championship fight, it was clear Faber won all 5 rounds, as it was clear the first time I watched the fight. He controlled both the stand-up, Kick to the Onions!with his lightning quick jabs and the ground with his deadly ground and pound.

I wamted to watched the fight again to review some of the things I listed in my post fight analysis, basically questioning why the illegal blows (my perception) from Faber against Pulver weren’t called and/or points weren’t taken. Here are some of the infractions I thought I saw after watching the fight the first time live on VS:

  • 1 eye poke (stopped fight for 15 sec)
  • 2 groin kicks (stopped fight on 1 groin kick for 30 sec)
  • 2 elbows to the throat (not called)
  • 5-7 punches to the back of the head and neck (not called)

Did I see in the rewind, what I thought I saw live?

My contention wasn’t that Pulver won the fight, but that I’m not a fan of illegal blows that aren’t called, regardless of the fighter. Which I”m sure most would agree. It just so happens that it was my guy this time so I had to blog about it. Did the ref get it wrong? Here is what I saw in the rewind:

  • R1 (2:44) Faber inadvertently pokes Pulver in the eye (fight stopped for 15 sec)
  • R2 (4:50) Faber inadvertently kicks Pulver in the onions (fight stopped for 60 sec)
  • R2 (2:38 – 2:35) Faber lands 8 hammer fists to the back of Pulvers head (fight continues)
  • R4 (3:58) Faber lands a nice leg kick to the inner thigh and Jens walks away, Faber thinks he may have kicked Pulver in the groin, but I think Jens may have just been hurting from the kick (fight continues)
  • R4 (1:07) Faber elbows Pulver in the throat, the ref says something like… gurble furben gargen (fight continues)
  • R4 (:05) Faber elbows Pulver in the throat again, Pulver says something to the ref and the ref warns Faber…

“One more and it’s a point. You hear me Faber? I said one more poke to the eye, kick to the nuts, hammer fist to the back of the head or elbow to the throat and it’s a point. Now I”m not going to warn you again. Ok, maybe one more warning, but that’s it. I’m getting a little perterbed by your lack of following my commands, boy. I mean…. I’m sorry, Mr. California Kid, sir.”

I’d be interested in hearing your take on this. But that would require readers. So if you’re reading this, let me have it.


P.S. So the two Russian Sacramento judges scored one round 10-8. Whatever dude(s). But I didn’t let those yack-offs ruin what was a pretty awesome night of fights. Let’s hope UFC 85 Bedlam this Saturday in London, England can do the same.

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