UFC 152 Walkout Gear

UFC 152 Walkout Gear worn by fighters in Toronto, Ontario

Whether you are able to snag tickets to UFC 152 or not you will definetly want to catch a glimpse of Jones vs. Belfort on Saturday, September 22.

If you aren't at Air Canada Centre you will be able to view it through Pay-Per-View - check your local listings for the channel being aired on.


Vitor Belfort

RVCA Vitor Belfort 152 T-shirt - [Blue]

RVCA shows their support through this kick ass blue UFC 152 t-shirt. Stand behind Belfort as he takes on Jones on Saturday!

UFC 148 Walkout Gear

UFC 148 Walkout Shirts worn into the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to be whether it is a holiday weekend or not. It's just an extra added benefit having UFC 148 there Saturday, July 7!

MGM Grand Garden Arena is sure to be filled with avid ufc fans and you won't want to miss out!

Get your tickets for UFC 148 NOW!

Chael Sonnen

TapouT Chael Sonnen Independence Day 148 Walkout Shirt

UFC 147 walkout gear

UFC 147 Walkout Gear worn in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Belo Horizonte, Brazil is preparing for some kickass fights on Saturday, June 23 in their Mineirinho Gymnasium. It may seem tough to snag a ticket to sit ringside for the action but there are plenty of other ways to watch.

  • Check your availability on your television for UFC 147 action right in your living room!
  • Find a bar near you and cheer on the fighters with a group of fellow UFC fans and a cold tall one!
  • Or watch it online.

UFC 146 Walkout Gear

UFC 146 Walkout Gear - Las Vegas, NV on Saturday - May 26, 2012

Not only is Las Vegas a great place to get your gamble on it is hosting UFC 146 this Saturday, May 26 as well. If you happen to be in Las Vegas and need a break from gambling you will want to snag tickets to UFC 146 NOW! You'll also want a souvenir from the fights so stop by CarnalDammage.com and pick up a walkout shirt from your favorite fighter. Continue to show your support even after UFC 146 is over.

UFC 145 Walkout Gear

UFC 145 Walkout Gear | Philips Arena Atlanta, GA on April 21, 2012

If you like watching the UFC fights in person and are as ecstatic as I am that UFC 145 is in Georgia then you'll want to make sure you are sporting the right mma gear! You'll find the newest UFC walkout t-shirts at Carnaldammage.com.

While you are prepping for a night at the fights you may as well head out a bit early and play a hand or two of poker with the AtlantaPokerClub. To get the details of what you win when you play with AtlantaPokerClub click here!

UFC 141 Walkout Gear

UFC 141 Walkout Gear Worn in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 30

I can't think of a better place to spend New Year's Eve weekend than in Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas gambling and relaxation will be on the must-do list but add to that list UFC 141! You'll want to get your tickets NOW for Friday, December 30 so you can cheer on your favorite fighter from inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena. But don't head over there until you get the newest, hottest UFC 141 walkout gear. Check out some other kickass mma clothing to show your support of the event.

UFC 140 Walkout Gear

UFC 140 Walkout Gear worn Saturday, December 10 in Toronto, Canada

It may be a little late to sit ring side in Toronto this Saturday to feel the face to face adrenaline from fighters entering the octagon in their UFC 140 walkout gear but it's not too late to plan how/where you will be watching the live action. There are three main ways to get your UFC 140 fights: online & mobile, cable & satellite, or at a bar near you with other UFC fans.

Check the list below for your favorite way to get a view of the action:

UFC 139 Walkout Gear

UFC 139 Walkout Gear being worn in San Jose, CA on Saturday, November 19

The HP Pavillion in San Jose, CA will have kickass MMA clothing for you to check out on Saturday, November 19. The walkout gear worn at UFC 139 will be some 'must-have' apparel! Get yours now at CarnalDammage.com!

Don't just wear your favorite fighters walkout gear as you watch the fight on PPV - get ringside and feel the adrenaline!

Get your tickets for UFC 139 today.

Ryan Bader

TapouT Ryan Bader UFC 139 Walkout T Shirt

UFC on FOX 1 Walkout Gear

UFC on FOX Walkout Gear

Opening debut of UFC on FOX is coming to you live in your living room on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 9pEST. With your buddies over all cheering for your favorite fighters you might as well one up 'em by showing your support with a kickass UFC walkout t-shirt. MMAWarehouse is a great hook up for the hottest t-shirts and the newest walkout gear available. Don't waste time - check out MMAWarehouse today for the newest released UFC walkout gear!

Don't just cheer from your lazyboy get in on the adrenline rush and grab your UFC on FOX tickets NOW!

UFC 137 Walkout Gear

UFC 137 Walkout Gear worn on October 29, 2011 in Las Vegas

The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV is where you will see first hand some kickass MMA clothing. The walkout gear worn at UFC 137 will be sure to turn some heads as well as spark some "must have" desires. We will continue to update the walkout gear as it is revealed so check back often.

Spend your halloween weekend cheering for your favorite fighter from inside the arena!

Get your tickets for UFC 137 today.


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