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MMA training involves many styles including (but not limited to) Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling. Not only is it important to incorporate different fighting techniques and methods into your MMA training workouts, but having a combination of speed, strength, power, endurance, cardio and flexibility training is also very important.

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MMA Training and Conditioning Articles

MMA Ripped – MMA Training, Conditioning & Nutrition Program

MMA Ripped Training ProgramMMA Training Workouts – Tired of the same boring workouts? “MMA Ripped” is a 3-step conditioning workout program made up of training techniques that actual pro MMA fighters use to get in shape and overcome fatigue in the ring.  Known for its six-pack abs workout, this mixed martial arts training program is a great way to lose some weight and get an athletic body like an MMA fighter. To us MMA fans, these MMA workouts actually feel more like playing a sport than working out!

Tapout VTC – Online MMA Training Program

TapoutVTC Tapout VTC is the first site to offer the best training and entertainment! When you signup to train with the top MMA trainers from the comfort of your own home you will receive exclusive access to pro training modules by the best fighters and coaches, expert nutrition and mma workout videos as well as a comprehensive guide to MMA basics. There’s also the added benefit of connecting with other users in the forum and being entered in members-only contests and giveaways!

More Mixed Martial Arts Workouts

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MMA Training - Mixed Martial Arts Training

Using MMA training videos to get into the best shape of your life will not only change your physique it’ll change your life!  Try one of our favorite MMA workouts today!

UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal TrainerUFC Personal Trainer is an ideal way to set goals and see results in an at-home-training environment. UFC Personal Trainer provides players with an extensive assortment of effective and challenging MMA-inspired exercises, in both pre-set and customizable routines, to build strength, increase endurance, burn calories and get results. It is also available for Wii or xBox 360.

“Personalized instruction and tips from the MMA trainers guide players to stay motivated, get fit and track their goals with a helpful in-game journal. In addition, the game’s Ultimate Training Mode enables players to participate in high impact agility drills, with opportunities to earn rewards and have fun with friends in a competitive, multiplayer environment.” promotes

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