MCC 16 Event Results, Photos

MCC 16 – No Guts, No Glory

9/12/08 – Using his signature triangle choke, TJ “The Spider” O’Brien forced current champ Josh “Jigsaw” Atwell to tapout in first round action at MCC 16 No Guts, No Glory at Bucs Arena last Saturday.  O’Brien pulled off some high level jiu jitsu, transitioning from mount, to arm bar, to triangle, leaving nowhere for Atwell to escape. Congrats to the new MCC Featherweight champion!

Thanks to everyone at Midwest Cage Championship for another great night of fights in Des Moines! Other fight results and photos below (winners in bold):

  • TJ O’Brien vs Josh Atwell
  • Joe Ellenberger vs Alex Harper
  • Jake Pudenz vs Brian Green
  • Rakeem Hedrington vs Cole Jennett
  • Colby Karaidos vs Matt Cook
  • Nick Walker vs Will Shutt
  • Travis Tovrea vs Jeff Carstens
  • Fernando Sheeler vs Richard White
  • Anthony Tallman vs Nate Williams
  • Kenny Ford vs Shadoe Speaker

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