Max Fights DM 2 – Ballroom Brawl

MMA Title Fight, U.S. Olympic Wrestler, & Champion Returns

Des Moines, IA – MaxFightsDM, Des Moines’ most exciting professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) promotion, returns to the historic Val Air Ballroom on Friday, August 28 for MaxFightsDM Ballroom Brawl. The promotions second event features ten professional bouts.

The fight card is as follows:
1. Dennis Reed vs. Brian Green (middleweight)
2. Zach Patterson vs. Brad Floyd (bantamweight)
3. Matt Dominguez vs. Scott Kinzebach (lightweight)
4. Ryan Bruan vs. Ben Crowder (middleweight)
5. Jordan Wall vs. Justin Grizzard (super heavyweight)
6. Demetrious Richards vs. Dontrell Neal (light heavyweight)
7. Abel Trujillo vs. Ted Worthington (welterweight)
8. Kevin Barkdull vs. Chad Reiner (welterweight)
9. Ben Askren vs. Matt Delanoit (welterweight)
10. Jason Gilliam vs. Demi Deeds (welterweight championship)

Check out the Max Fights DM Ballroom Brawl Results, Photos, & Videos page to find out more!

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