UFC 133 Walkout Gear

Here’s a look at some of the fighter trends that you can expect to see from the MMA fighters of UFC 133. The event takes place on August 6th, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. As the event draws near, we will update this post with more walkout gear that will be worn by the fighters as they make their way to the octagon to battle it out. Until then, here are some main fighter looks to get you ready for the UFC 133 event.

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Rashad Evans UFC 133 Walkout Gear

TapouT Rashad Evans Warrior UFC 133 Walkout T-Shirt


Rashad Evans TapouT clothing Signature Series Tee – The Warrior T-Shirt features intricate screen print art showcasing a fighting eagle standing on the skull of its latest victim. The t-shirt also features amazing art on the back with tried and true TapouT motto of Simply Believe.

Rashad Evans UFC Walkout Gear

Tapout Signature Series Rashad Evans Walkout Shirt – UFC 114


Rashad Evans TapouT clothing Signature Series Tee Flamed design and wings that spread from the chest Also includes Large TapouT Logos on the front and back as well as “Suga’ Rashad Evans” signature across the back.

Tito Ortiz UFC 133 Walkout Shirt

Punishment Athletics Tito Ortiz UFC 133 Walkout T shirt

Carnal DammageCarnal Dammage

Tito Ortiz will wear this shirt as he steps into the octagon against Rashad “Suga” Evans on August 6th!  This 4.5 ounce slim fit premium tee with blue foil on front and back will represent the Punishment Ortiz will give to Evans in UFC 133!

Tito Ortiz UFC Walkout Gear

New! Punishment Athletics Tito Ortiz  Walkout T ShirtUFC 132


Tito Ortiz wore this shirt as he made his way to the octagon to fight Ryan Bader for the Light-Heavyweight championship at UFC 132. This Black shirt also comes in a silver version and features a large T.O. outlined in gold accents along with the words “Giveth and Taketh” underneath in a blue ribbon. On the back you will find a warrior’s prayers in white underneath the PUNISHMENT logo.

TUF 11 Team Ortiz Boardshort [Red]



Tapout Team Ortiz Boardshorts features: Team Ortiz Gold, Black, and Red boardshorts “Team Ortiz” down the left thigh “The Ultimate Fighter” down the right thigh TapouT logos on the left knee and on the back. Available in Red and Tan.

Vitor Belfort UFC 133 Walkout Gear

RVCA Vitor Belfort UFC 133 Walkout T Shirt – Black

RVCA Belfort Walkout short sleeve standard fit tee is made with 100% Combed Cotton.

RVCA Vitor Belfort UFC 133 Cornerman T Shirt – Black

RVCA Belfort Cornerman short sleeve standard fit tee is made with 100% Combed Cotton with front print and screenprinted inside neck.

RVCA Vitor Belfort Cornerman Walkout Tee – UFC 126


RVCA’s short sleeve 100% combed cotton tee screenprints on front, back and sleeves.

RVCA Vitor Belfort Fight Shorts – UFC 126


The Vitor Belfort RVCA Fight Shorts featuring Nylon/Spandex 4-way stretch material. On the left side you will see a RVCA applique as well as a VA applique at the bottom of the right leg and front waistband. These standard fit shorts feature Velcro extension at the waistband and fly opening, drawcord in the interior waistband, and  spandex binding at the bottom with a spandex inset.

Yoshihiro Akiyama Walkout Gear

Sexyama’s walkout shirt features a King chesspiece which is being looked at through the barrel of a rifle scope. Below it is the phrase “Defeat Thy Rivals – Demand Their Respect”. On the back of this shirt you will find an upside down crown with a sword piercing through the opening.


Fighters who were removed from UFC 133 for one reason or another:

Phil Davis UFC 133 Walkout Gear

Dethrone Phil Davis UFC 133 Walkout T Shirt

Here is the shirt that would have been worn by Phil Davis for the UFC 133 event. Unfortunately, the fighter has been injured and will no longer be in the event. We still show our support for him and wish him a speedy recovery.


This black and yellow Dethrone Phil Davis T-Shirt features a new Dethrone logo design on the front above the words “Engineered Exclusively For Taking Over”, as well as Davis’ name and nickname printed on the back. Be sure to get your UFC 133 walkout shirt to represent Phil Davis.

Rich Franklin UFC Walkout Gear

Due to an injury, Rich Franklin will not be featured in the UFC 133 event. However,  Here are some looks that we’ve seen from the fighter. Show your support by purchasing a  Rich Franklin UFC walkout shirt.

 American Fighter Rich Franklin Walkout T-Shirt [Special Limited Edition] – UFC 126


The black tee includes a Captain America-inspired shield draped by the American flag on the front, a red, white, and blue ace design on the back, along with American Fighter logos. It commemorates Rich Franklin’s highly anticipated battle against Forrest Griffin at UFC 126. It features distinctive graphics with a unique foil outline. Wear it to show your support for Rich Franklin.

Tapout  Rich Franklin Signature Walkout Tshirt – UFC 115


New Rich Franklin Signature Series Tee! Standard 100% cotton American Fighter influenced design on the front “Rich Franklin” across the back

American Fighter Rich Franklin Vintage Spade T-Shirt [Military Green]


This military greenshirt has attitude in spades. The American Fighter / Rich Franklin Vintage Spade T-Shirt is a custom slim fit and dyed vintage short sleeve spade t-shirt. It was inspired by U.S. military troops and features the ACE moniker and a heroic military green color. Wear it to show your support for Rich Franklin as well as our troops.


Antonio Nogueira UFC Walkout Gear

As well as his opponent, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira will not be fighting in the UFC 133 event. We still show our support for the fighter by featuring his walkout gear. Be ready for future events with your Antonio Nogueira Walkout Clothing.

 Jaco Resurgence Antonio Nogueira MMA Fight Shorts – White


Raised “Tenacity” Icon Logo on the rear, center of waistband (patent-pending). The Resurgence fighter short is the most thought through technical fighter short that has ever been contemplated for MMA. The short has a clean, inspiring look; yet at the same time, is designed to withstand the rigors of MMA competition and training.

90% Polyester
10% Spandex

 Affliction Antonio Nogueira Smash Signature Series T-Shirt


The Nogueira Smash Signature Affliction Clothing Series SS T-Shirt comes in Black and Grey and is form fitting and comfortable. It’s an Authentic Affliction Signature Series T-Shirt. This grinded T-Shirt features a unique, two tone black and grey background with distinctive graphics on the front and back. Show your support for Nogueira Smash with the Nogueira Smash Signature Series SS T-Shirt Black/Grey.

Throwdown Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Tee – UFC 119

carnaldammage.com                carnaldammage.com

From the Throwdown by Affliction collection, Here is the “Hercules” T-shirt which  features the Throwdown anvil front and center on the chest, just above the words “World Wide”. Also featuring foil highlights and a detailed design printed on the front, back, sides and sleeves.

Walk Out Gear Sponsors from UFC 133

  • *Rashad Evans – Tapout Tshirt, Jaco Hoodie & Shorts, Pretorian Hat, Muscle Pharm, Training Mask
  • Tito Ortiz – Punishment Athletics Shirt, PTC Punishment Training Center
  • *Vitor Belfort – RVCA T-shirt, Banco BMG / Bony Acai Hat
  • Yoshihiro Akiyama – Headrush Tshirt, Hayabusa, Muscle Pharm
  • *Brian Ebersol – Jakt, Hayabusa
  • Dennis Hallman – Punishment Athletics, Training Mask, RevGear
  • *Costa Philippou – Xtreme Couture, Muscle Pharm, Hayabusa
  • Jorge Rivera – Alchemist, Venum, RevGear
  • *Rory McDonald – Hayabusa, VersaClimber.com
  • Mike Pyle – Tapout, Muscle Pharm
  • *Alexander Gustafsson – Bad Boy, MMA NYTT
  • Matt Hamill – Iron Star, Venum Shorts
  • *Chad Mendes –  Form Athletics, Amp Energy Drink
  • Rani Yahya – Pretorian
  • *Johnny Hendricks – Headrush, Training Mask, RevGear, Century MMA
  • Mike Pierce – Throwdown, Training Mask
  • Joe Rogan – Affliction
  • Ivan Menjivar – Headrush, Hayabusa
  • Nick Pace – Jakt, Hayabusa, Training Mask
  • Stitch – Tapout, Xyience, The Gun Store
  • House – Tapout, Xyience
  • Tabbs – Tapout, Xyience

UFC 133 Ring Sponsors (28 ring ads)

  1. Bud Light (Mat Center – 1, Vertical Bar – 2) UFC 133 Rules of the Octagon brought to you by Bud Light, Here We Go 5 second Spot – 1, After highlight flashes, Ring announcer spot – 1
  2. Edge Gel (Mat Side – 2, Vertical Bar – 2) Fighters corner placement, 30 second ad spot for website contest, 5 second spot – 1
  3. Xyience (Mat Side – 2, Vertical Bar – 2) Ring announcer spot – 1
  4. Dodge (Mat Side – 2, Cross Bar – 2) UFC 133 Tale of the Tape brought to you by Dodge – 5, Official Vehicle 5 second Spot – 1, Ring announcer spot – 1
  5. Conan The Barbarian (Mat Side – 2, Cross Bar – 2) UFC 133 in HD brought to you by Conan the Barbarian, 60 second preview spot
  6. GameFly.com (Vertical Bar – 2) Ring announcer spot, 5 second spot – 1
  7. Boost Mobile (Vertical Bar – 2) UFC 133 presented by Boost Mobile mention & logo, Ring Announcer spot – 2, Official Wireless Provider 5 second Spot – 1
  8. Harley Davidson (Cross Bar – 2) Ring announcer spot
  9. Wells Fargo Center (Cross Bar – 2) Venue, Fighters corner placement
  10. Charles “Mask” Lewis (Cross Bar – 1) Tribute above door
  11. Marines – Keys to victory sponsored by Marines – 1
  12. Transworld Motocross Magazine – guest octagon girl contest mentioned during Hendricks fight
  13. UFC Trainer – slide in ad during Menjivar fight
  14. Tapout.com – 5 second spot UFC 133 brought to you by Tapout

UFC 133 Ring Girls

  • Arianny
  • Chondella
  • Chrissy

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