Affliction: Banned

Fedor Emelianenko pwns Tim Sylvia

Over the weekend I watched the Affliction: Banned pay-per-view. I was originally planning on attending this event and had found some cheap Affliction tickets to buy, but had to settle for my living room this time. Affliction says this event was put together after the UFC banned all Affliction brand clothing from their events. Common sense says different.

Affliction Banned

I’ll get into that, but first I wanted to say that I came away impressed with the Affliction Banned show and feel it has a real chance to finally bring some needed competition to the UFC. I have nothing against the UFC’s dominant market share in the fastest growing sport in the world, but real competition will bring better fights, better events and will be best for the customers (that’s you and I).

Affliction, an apparel company first, says they put together their first MMA promotion only after they were banned from sponsoring any UFC fighters. This really makes no sense to me. What does maks sense? The UFC banned Affliction clothing only after getting wind of Affliction’s desire to setup their own MMA event. Or maybe it was because Joe Rogan said “if I see one more Affliction t-shirt I’m gonna puke!” on a previous UFC event ppv broadcast. Rogan’s a baaaad man!

It appears the UFC may also see Affliction as real competition, as they set up a free Spike TV UFC event, featuring who they say is the greatest pound for pound fighter on the planet, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. At the same time Affliction was airing their debut mma pay-per-view featuring who they say is the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko.

Coincidence? I think not.

Inside MMA talks Fedor, Affliction Card, and Marketing

With the popularity of Affliction Clothing and their relationships with established fighters, announcers and celebrities, having Donald Trump as a backer and a possible tv deal with FOX, Affliction may be a force to reckon with in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Only time will tell.

Review of Affliction Banned

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