Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale Tudo shorts were designed with the fighter’s mobility in mind. The tight fit elastic material provides support, comfort, and the greatest range of motion that the other MMA shorts cannot deliver. Originating in Brazil’s Ju Jitsu scene, Vale Tudo MMA shorts are the preferred choice for many of today’s top MMA fighters who specialize in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

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More About Vale Tudo Shorts

vale-tudo-shorts-1Vale Tudo Shorts originated in Brazil where they became the preferred fight shorts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists. MMA superstars such as the reigning Pride heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko (pictured) prefer Vale Tudo Shorts for their comfort, and full range of motion. These shorts are also valuable to the fighter because it eliminates the opponent’s ability to grab their shorts and control their movement.

Vale Tudo Shorts are made with polyester and spandex materials, giving the shorts a tight yet comfortable feel.  These shorts will never interfere with a fighter’s mobility or range of motion. Vale Tudo fight shorts are guaranteed not to impair your range of motion, while giving you that intimidating, professional look.

Having trouble washing your Vale Tudo shorts? I have heard critics say that they are very difficult to wash properly. Using vinegar or woolite has been proven to work by some individuals. Read what these consumers have to say about washing Vale Tudo Shorts.

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