Tapout Shorts

Tapout Shorts


Tapout shorts are the “must have” fight shorts for fighter’s of any level. Considered the pioneer of the MMA movement, Tapout is the world’s leading provider of MMA fight shorts. Tapout shorts are the most popular brand of fight shorts on the market and they sponsor a large number of MMA fighters. Shop Tapout MMA shorts here!

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TapouT Ultimate Fighter Official Team USA Board Shorts – $ 61.99

TapouT Black Shield 4 Way Board Shorts
$ 29.99

As the leading online retailer of MMA gear, MMA Warehouse has some of the most competitive prices for MMA shorts. Shop the largest selection of Tapout shorts available today.

More Info About Tapout Shorts

The Tapout brand was originated in 1997 by the late Charles “the Mask” Lewis and grew through the blood, and sweat of the Mixed Martial Arts world. As the sport grew more and more popular everyday, so too did the Tapout brand. Tapout is the leading MMA clothing, and lifestyle brand company in the world. As the leading provider of MMA apparel, it is no surprise that Tapout represents some of the world’s biggest MMA superstars, such as Chuck “Ice Man” Liddell, and Thiago Alves.

Tapout is constantly putting out the hottest apparel on the market in order to keep up with the fashion trends in the Mixed Martial Arts world.With a great blend of fashion and function, Tapout has created a number of MMA shorts that are hard to match. My personal favorite pair of Tapout MMA shorts is the Tapout Bloody Black & Blue Long Shorts. They combine support, comfort, and fashion all in one! Tapout’s distinctive logo and wide range of fight shorts to choose from make Tapout shorts a popular choice when purchasing a pair of MMA shorts.

With a large variety of Tapout Fight shorts to choose from, you can find the style, and design that fits your needs.Fighters everywhere are drawn to the Tapout shorts because of their intense popularity among fighters. If you’re not sure yet on what brand to go with, take the time to read this review on Tapout shorts.


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