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Fairtex Gloves LogoFind the best prices on Fairtex Gloves for mma fighting and training. Fairtex is a brand recognized as the MMA gear of champions and endorsed by mma fighters, instructors and promoters all over the world.  Fairtex Gloves are worn by professional mma fighters and amateurs alike.

Fairtex Gloves at MMA Warehouse Prices

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Fairtex Ultimate NHB Gloves (Full Thumb) – $ 69.99

Fairtex Ultimate Combat Gloves – $ 69.99

MMA fighters who use Fairtex gloves absolutely rave about them and the greatness that is Fairtex. One poster over at the Sherdog forums puts it best, “The fit is just perfect, the shape is just perfect. Heck, even the smell is perfect… and price worthy if you ask me!” Read more about what people who actually use Fairtex gloves have to say, by checking out this Fairtex gloves user review.

Fairtex Gloves at Ebay Prices

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Fairtex MMA History

Fairtex entered the MMA scene when it sponsored UFC Fighter and Champion Pat “The Croatian Sensation” Miletich.  Pat became the first in a long and continuing line of Fairtex MMA fighters that receive continued sponsorships and support. The sponsorship also marked the beginning of a new era in MMA apparel, as Fairtex has been a fixture in the MMA world since that day.

Innovation is the drive for Fairtex and the continued participation at every level of fighting sports has afforded Fairtex an unequaled accumulation of knowledge and intuition in the field of mma which they use when developing their ultra popular Fairtex gloves.

  • At Fairtex the motto is: “Be Inspired”

It is this combination of experience and technical wisdom that has enabled Fairtex to consistently develop cutting edge mma gear & products. Fairtex has become one of the hottest MMA brands in combat sports equipment. Recognized also as the leader and innovator for high impact sports equipment; and the leading authority in Muay Thai, producing over 60 champions and title holders.

Since 1975 Fairtex has been dedicated to the training, management and promotion of professional MMA fighters, Mixed Martial Arts athletes, Muay Thai fighters and Boxers. The tradition is growing, as Fairtex has expanded with 2 gyms in Thailand, 2 gyms in the United States and 6 gyms in Japan. Fairtex is the leading innovator in high impact combat sports gear and engineered for top performance.

Why Fairtex Gloves?

Some of the benefits of Fairtex Gloves, and why you should get yourself a pair, include…

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Top grain leather shell
  • Nylon water-repellent lining
  • 2 & 3 layer high-impact latex foam cores
  • They provide excellent hand, finger & knuckle protection
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