MMA Shorts Reflect a Trend In Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Shorts in the Past

Originally, MMA shorts were made with the purpose of protecting the MMA fighters and allowing them the freedom of mobility to ensure that they are not prohibited from attacking or defending themselves. MMA shorts are specially designed to protect the fighter’s mid section while allowing MMA Shorts From The Pastmore freedom of their range of motion in order to allow the fighter to expend all of their abilities. These fight shorts should give the fighter an elevated level of comfort, as well as the maximum range of motion, all while being as durable and supportive as they possibly can be. As technology and research of MMA shorts has grown, we have seen some amazing innovations in the quality of MMA shorts. When the sport first originated, MMA short’s design were very basic providing the most basic needs for the fighter.

Today, fight shorts are being made with extra durable, ultra light weight special materials that provide unheard of support and the most high quality  designs that can give a fighter advantages in the ring. New innovations like the no grip zones that have been added to most fight shorts help the fighter gain advantages in the ring. Back when the sport first gained popularity, it was rare to see any advertising and team logos on the fighters MMA fight shorts.

In the past the only article of MMA clothing fighters wore were their fight shorts but now fighters are covered from head to foot in advertisements as they enter the ring. In conclusion, these MMA shorts were originally designed for the safety of the fighter.  MMA shorts were worn for the sole purpose of providing safety, and mobility to the fighter when the sport first gained national publicity. Now it seems like the sole purpose of wearing MMA shorts is so that the fighter’s sponsors can have a place to advertise their products.

MMA Shorts TodayMMA Shorts Today

While MMA short’s were made to provide safety and comfort to the fighter, it seems as though these shorts play a different role  in today’s current MMA market. MMA shorts are becoming ever so popular for the advertising and marketing potential these shorts provide. In any fight you watch in the present day, almost every fighter you see walk into the cage has shorts on that are absolutely covered in various promotions and advertisements for their sponsors.

It seems as though MMA shorts have a new role, that being the role of generating more revenue for the fighter and his respective sponsors. Its like the sport has a new purpose, not to provide entertaining fights and to see the skills of each fighter, but one that is solely directed at making money. It’s hard to even tell what brand of MMA shorts are worn by the fighters in the UFC anymore, since they are all covered in various advertisements and sponsorships. I hope that the trends we are seeing emmerge today do not eventually take away from the sole purpose of the MMA fighting, which is to enjoy the sport of mixed martial arts and pay tribute to the fighters and the skills they possess.

The Sport of MMA and the Shift in Trends

It seems the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole has change dramatically. When the sport first gained recognition and popularity it was all about the sport of mixed martial arts, the fighters and appreciation of the fierce competition that MMA brings out of people. It was about respect for the sport and for your opponents. Guys back then would have fought for free for the sole fact that it is what they love to do. Nowadays it seems like most fighters fight for the money, the fame and the sponsorships. Brock Lesnar shed light on this fact at UFC 100 when he stated that he wouldn’t promote Bud Light because “they didn’t pay me enough money”. I think this new era and trend in the sport has dramatically effected the game and has taken away from the pure enjoyment and respect for the sport.

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